Sensible Gurus LLC

Guru Means teacher

Guru Means teacher, as such we are going back to our roots and becoming an intern staffed company.

We have partnered with a number of the local tech colleges to find new talent and to shape The future workforce into excellent technicians and business leaders.

What does this mean to you, our clients?

First moving to a flat rate system. This means war there a task takes five minutes or five hours you will be paying for how long the job should have taken.

Hourly work that does not fall under one of our predefined flat rate plans plans will be reviewed by a senior technician and hours adjusted accordingly.

All work provided to our technicians will be in the capabilities that Sensible Gurus feels the technician can handle, tougher assignments will have a senior technicianshadowing the intern at no additional cost to you.

Feedback is critical not only to the staff at Sensible Gurus, the quality of work at your location, but also to the intern technician so we can provide a great learning environment for them.

Any of our customers that require additional security such as HIPPA Will have technicians assigned to them that pass certifications to legally allowed them to work in that environment.