Sensible Gurus LLC
  • Gjeret Stein
  • Chris Hansen
  • Gjeret Stein

    Gjeret Stein

    Head Guru

    Gjeret, the Sensible Head Guru, likes to refuel with some good Coffee between saving the IT world.  The amazing way Gjeret can solve simple and complex technology and business issues, even over the phone, is a force that needs to be reckoned with.

    Gjeret does not think inside of the box, and “It cannot be done” is not in his vocabulary, rather he takes each new challenge as an opportunity to see just what boundaries he can push!

  • Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen

    Desktop Guru

    Chris, our Desktop Guru, is like a hound dog, sniffing out viruses and malware where ever they reside!  He is the one working behind the scenes making sure your backups are working correctly, so when something does blow up, we can recover fully!

    A true geek, Chris is a member of the Imperial 501st Star Wars Garrison – ID7366 , and in his free time can be seen at various fundraisers sporting his imperial garb.

  • Collette Hall

    Office Manager Guru

    When you call into the Guru Head Quarters, chances are you will be talking to Collette.   She is the one that keeps everything and everyone moving!   She “De-Techifies” the tickets you receive to make sure you understand what tasks have been performed!