Sensible Gurus LLC

IT Services

We are constantly pushing the limits of what technology is capable of. Through careful testing, evaluation and best practices we can 100% guarantee that our IT services will help you push the limits in the ever evolving business climate.  Our goal is to take your IT, change it from a needed expense, and push as a tool to boost your profits.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Managed Anti-Virus, automated maintenance scripts, over 170 different monitors and checks all running, Microsoft and 3rd party updates and patches, in the background waiting to alert us at the first signs of trouble.  Customers who have signed up for our basic maintenance plan have noticed an average of thirty percent drop in their tech support calls!

Websites and E-mail

Without proper communication, your business would grind to a halt.  Faulty e-mail and unreliable webpages cause not only unproductive man hours but also lost sales.  We bring enterprise grade messaging and webpages to your business

Hardware Sales and Service

Sensible Gurus is an authorized dealer and partner of many hardware and software solutions, including Lenovo, OKI, Microsoft, Adobe, Untangle, Fortinet, and Ubiquiti.  While we only sell what we feel is the best value for your company, we will support any existing infrastructure you may have installed.

Online Backup

Are you prepared for when you need your data most?  The laws of Backup Karma is you can NEVER have enough backups!  With Sensible Gurus Online Backup and Network Share we protect the information you need the most, and only charge you for what you use!  We can recover deleted or unintentionally modified files in moments.